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In this month's newsletter we have:

  • Spotlight - Annapolis Wherry
  • Special - $100 off Annapolis Wherry kits
  • Introduction to Stitch and Glue/Timber Epoxy Boat Building Shop Class - 16-17 March
  • Build Updates

If there is anything you would like to see in our future newsletters, discuss, query or order, please contact us via the contact form on our website.

Chesapeake Light Craft kits are simple and quick to build, with the vast majority being aimed at first time builders who havent so much as touched a block plane. They come with very detailed and illustrated build manuals that step you through the entire process, from cutting out components to applying the perfect finish, whether working from plans or a kit.

The Annapolis Wherry is no exception and offers thoroughbred performance on the water combined with breathtaking grace. The Annapolis Wherry has been turning heads since 1997, with hundreds and hundreds built all over the world.

The Annapolis Wherry is available in both a single and tandem configuration.

Solid stability, sea kindly lines, excellent tracking, a buoyant bow, and ample flare make the Wherry a natural choice for rowing in choppy conditions. The open design allows for plenty of sprawling and a picnic basket when beach cruising.  Stability is strong for a performance rowing boat: you can step into the boat from a dock and even stand up. However, the narrow waterline means that the Annapolis Wherry is as fast as many “rec” shells, sprinting at 7 knots and cruising at 4-5 knots. At this speed you could cover 30 or 40 miles in a day. We hear of Wherries being used for camping and fishing expeditions.

The challenge with the Annapolis Wherry Tandem was to retain the essential qualities of its famous predecessor, the Annapolis Wherry.  Known all over the world for its perfect, quiet elegance, the Annapolis Wherry is one of the most popular sliding seat wherries of all time.  Much of its success is a result of what it DOESN'T have:  a lot of extra bulk.  That means it doesn't have much payload, either:  about 325 pounds (~150kg).  That's not enough for two adult rowers.

CLC wanted to do more than just make the Annapolis Wherry a little longer and cram in two sliding seats.  So they created a tandem wherry that is extremely fast with two strong rowers, fast enough to win races like the smaller single Wherry does.  It also functions as a single with room for an adult passenger.  And of course you can row it all day as a single if you don't have a skilled sliding seat mate.
The Annapolis Wherrys are intended for first-time boatbuilders. Despite the beautiful and sophisticated shape, CLC have gone to tremendous trouble to make the boat easy to build.  The computer-cut okoume planks are assembled to length using "puzzle joints," which ensure fast and accurate alignment.  The computer also drills all of the holes for the copper wire "stitches" that hold the planks together temporarily, saving hours and increasing precision in the assembly.  The frames drop into mortises we've cut for you in the bottom panel, so you really don't need to own a tape measure to build this boat!  The planks are drawn up to a beautiful and traditional "wineglass" transom.  Fiberglass reinforces the bottom panels inside and out, and epoxy saturates the entire structure for longevity and low maintenance.  This is the exclusive CLC LapStitch technology that has launched thousands of boats.

The Annapolis Wherrys are at their best with a sliding seat rowing unit, the interior having been designed from the beginning around its installation. Used with a sliding seat rowing unit, the Wherry might be unsurpassed as a rowing trainer, exercise boat, long-distance cruiser, or even for open water racing. Please note; rowing unit and oars are not included with the kit, however the Annapolis Wherry rows beautifully with our Sliding Seat Rowing Unit, and Croker sculling oars which can be purchased seperatley.

Please head over to our Annapolis Wherry page for more details or to place an order. Also, be sure to checkout our special this month on Annapolis Wherry kits (see below). Otherwise please get in touch if you have any queries.

To kick off the new year, all Annapolis Wherry single and tandem, base or wood parts only kits are $100 off.


Use the coupon code 100OFFAW during checkout to take advantage of this offer.


So head on over to our Annapoils Wherry Single or Annapolis Wherry Tandem page for further details and to place your order today.

This offer is valid from 17/01/24 till 31/01/24. Applicable to base and wood parts only kits only. Coupon codes are case sensitive. Shipping within Australia and New Zealand is tailored to suit individual orders and will be quoted separately.

Don't forget, we will be holding another Introduction to Stitch and Glue/Timber Epoxy Boat Building Shop Class in March. Which is aimed at overcoming the confidence hurdles faced by first-time builders. There are only limited spaces available, so get in quick if you want to attend by heading over to our website and securing your spot.

The course will be held on the weekend of 16-17th March at our workshop in Kettering Tasmania, with the hours; Saturday - 9am to 4 pm, and Sunday - 9am to 3pm. The cost of the course is $380 (incl GST) per person, which covers tuition and materials.

The topics that will be covered over the two days include:

  • How epoxy resins work
  • Working safely with epoxy resins
  • Basic techniques of working with resins including storage, dispensing, mixing
  • Filler powders - the different types and their uses
  • Fibreglass cloth – types and working safely with this material
  • Bonding with epoxy resin
  • Filleting with thickened epoxy resins
  • Epoxy coating techniques
  • Applying fibreglass cloth and wetting out with epoxy resin
  • Blush – what is it and how to deal with it
  • Working cleanly with resins and cleaning up
  • Basic stitch and glue construction

Don't worry if you are unable to make this one, we are planning on more Shop Classes throughout the year, so register your interest and we will add you to the wait list.

We are also planning on our first seven day kit building course in April that will be aimed at building the one of the simpler CLC designs of your choice to structural completion. Please get in touch to register your interest in a seven day course.

The course is filling up fast, so head on over to our registration page to reserve your place on the March course. We look forward to seeing you there!

Denman Marine is Chesapeake Light Craft's Australia and New Zealand agent for their fantastic range of DIY kits. There is a huge selection of over sixty designs, including kayaks, canoes, rowing and sailing boats and even a teardrop camper. Below you can find a few recent examples of what our builders have been up to, then head on over to our Chesapeake Light Craft page to grab a bargain on your next project.

Derek's Sassafras 12

Derek's Sassafras 12

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