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Easy to build, easy to row, and easy to sail – the Skerry is a truly versatile boat, and a pretty one, too.

The Skerry design combines elements of traditional working craft of the British Isles and Scandinavia, with a little bit of American Swampscott Dory thrown in. The blend of historical antecedents yields excellent performance under sail or oar, along with good looks and ease of construction in plywood. This John C. Harris design fuses excellent rowing and sailing qualities into one attractive craft. Sail when there's wind, row when there's not. You'll cover the miles either way.

It’s an ideal first boatbuilding project, and a good boat in which to learn to sail or row. The Skerry will take you for a relaxing afternoon sail, or it has the capacity and performance to go “beachcruising”---sailing or rowing by day and pulling up on a secluded beach each evening to camp. The Skerry’s feather-light weight and shallow draft mean that you can poke into quiet waters, pull the boat over a sandbar, and explore that hidden cove.

Ultralight weight (~43kg) also means the Skerry is easy to handle ashore. Given sturdy roof racks and two average adults to do the lifting, the Skerry can be cartopped with ease. Or, if you use the boat by yourself most of the time, the lightest, simplest boat trailer or dolly will work.

The flared hull sides make the Skerry stable and dry under sail. The stock sprit rig was chosen because it's easy to set up and handle, powerful for its size, and stows inside the hull for transport. Windward performance is excellent. The boom is out of the way of the crew—no bonked heads—and the boat can be rowed with the sail up. This is such an important and practical feature for small boat handling that it’s bizarre not to find it in more smallcraft. Under oars, the Skerry has a long, easy glide and excellent tracking. Two rowing positions permit the Skerry to be rowed with one, two, or three adults on board.

"A lightweight 15' double-ender, the Skerry fits the bill admirably for those who want a traditional Scandinavian design but may not be confident in complex traditional construction...It's a pretty hull. It's a pleasure to look especially at the curve of the stern, which I think is just right." - WoodenBoat's Small Boats Annual 2007

"...Under sail, the Skerry felt slippery and footed right along...[Under oars] the Skerry was so smooth and it carried so well we decided she's a boat you might actually choose to take for a row, as oppposed to merelay acting as a secondary propulsion option. The owners we interviewed were unanimous in rating the quality of the plans, kit components, and building manual as excellent." - Small Craft Advisor May-June 2016.

"This Skerry is a beautiful boat. . . There is not an ugly line on this boat. The sheer is beautiful and accented by the lines of the chines. The chines add interest and eye candy to an already appealing boat." - Sailing Magazine, June 2003

Head on over to our Skerry page for further details and to place your order.

Only 7 weeks left till Christmas!


Still looking for the perfect Christmas present? Then what better than the gift of wooden boat.


Just starting out? then be sure to head over to our webstie and order a kit. However be sure to get in quick as our queue is filling up fast. Even if you miss out on kit delivery before Christmas we will send out the build manual ready to go under the Christmas tree.


Alternatively, grab one of the Chesapeake Light Craft plans and manual packages for 15% off during November.


Use the coupon code 15OFFPLANS during checkout to take advantage of this offer.


Please ensure you order is placed a few weeks prior to Christmas to allow for printing and postage before the big day.


Head over to our Chesapeake Light Craft section for further details and to place your order today.

This offer is valid from 03/11/23 till 30/11/23. Applicable to Chesapeake Light Craft plans and manual packages only. Shipping within Australia and New Zealand is tailored to suit individual orders and will be quoted separately.

Dont forget, Digital Gift Certificates are also available. So head on over to our gift certificate page and send one to your wooden boat fanatic.

Our gift certificates can be redeemed for anything we offer, from plans and manual packages to kits, hardware and repairs etc.

Please note, Denman Marine will be closed over the Christmas and New Year's period. Commencing Wednesday 20/12/2023, and re-opening Monday 8/01/2024.

Don't hesitate to use our contact form over the holiday period and we will get back to you as soon as possible in the New Year.

Denman Marine is Chesapeake Light Craft's Australia and New Zealand agent for their fantastic range of DIY kits. There is a huge selection of over sixty designs, including kayaks, canoes, rowing and sailing boats and even a teardrop camper. Below you can find a few recent examples of what our builders have been up to, then head on over to our Chesapeake Light Craft page to grab a bargain on your next project.

Phill's pair of Chesapeake 18's

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